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We all know that 22 April is celebrated around the world as Earth Day. Of course, this day constantly reminds us how much and in what way we endanger the environment. The ecology of one place depends on people, their habits and way of thinking. Therefore, the entire quality of life is conditioned by ecological, social, economic, political and cultural sphere. Based on these spheres, we can talk about to which extent a life in an environment is ecological. It sounds simple? Why do we then tend to be irresponsible primarily to ourselves and our environment?


To begin with, we need to raise awareness in our heads how much it is important that each and every one of us as an individual needs to take care of nature. Then, we need to think about the way to protect the habitats that surround us. We must not forget our rivers and land that we constantly pollute with debris we no longer need. Therefore, in many parts of the world, the survival of a large number of plants and animals is endangered, and the degree of pollution has reached the level that makes the survival of a human being questioned. Let’s remind ourselves of our heroes of nature, Saša Marinković and Milan Ružić, who have saved species of griffon vulture from extermination. There are many examples like this. Therefore, the efficiency of the protection of environment, and consequently our future, depends on the degree of the ecological knowledge.


When talking about the ways of solving the ecological problems, there is creative and standard ecology. Creative ecology basically deals with solving problems which influence ecology, while standard ecology has focused on the use of some other methods for solving ecological problems, What also makes our lives simpler is the raise of the quality of life in sense of quality leisure time, quality housing, education which is at the adequate level, availability of the information as well as many other impacts. At our planet, everyone is subject to processes, even the technologically and materially most developed countries. The future of our, human species, depends on whether we will understand the ecological state of the world and change our inadequate behaviour accordingly.


We cannot be exclusive or simply make a conclusion about what the concept of ecological and non-ecological means. It is necessary that we all participate in raising ecological satisfaction, actively and on daily basis.
What we can do – we can start from ourselves. Therefore, as of today, think every time you use plastics in any form, when you use cars instead of bicycles, when you use home appliances and leave the unnecessary light, when you throw garbage on the street, when all those failures seem insignificant. Think, because nature does not forgive. Happy Earth Day!


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