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Several hundred citizens of Novi Sad went through all activities within the first OPENS day on 25 April. The manifestation began in the campus of the University in Novi Sad with the modern circus performance called “I Cannot Speak”.

“The idea was to open the door towards the world of skills to all young people, on art or other skills and occupations”, Ivana Miloradov, OPENS2019 PR said.

After the performance and the public class, OPENS day continued at Chinatown, in the Quarter Club, which was divided in three different parts. At the entrance, the volunteers were handing the maps and headsets, which you needed to hear the guys from Državni Posao with 12 different entrepreneurs at the same time.

“I think this is a very interesting experiment and I have definitely not seen anything like this before. First, I thought that people didn’t even listen, and then they started asking questions. So, this is a very interesting approach to lecture and I hope someone heard what we were talking about”, Vladimir Elesin, from Tegla’s says.


“It passed quickly. And it was quite nice to talk to Dejan Ćirjaković. We talked about many things, so even people who were listening to us asked some questions. What was even more interesting for me was to wait and hear the discussion with Zoran Jevtović from Crna ovca, because I really like their ice cream and I would like to work something for them”, Ana Babić, the designer behind the Šrkabac
brand says.

At the same time, young people had the opportunity to listen to the founders of successful companies, such as GIR, “Mokrin house”, “Vega IT”, “Škrabac”, “Braća burazeri/Deckotzar”, “Crna ovca”, “Daško&Mlađa”, “Tegla’s”, “”, “Mudrolije sa Tvitera”, “Razbeerbriga” and “Pray eyewear”.

“Those were actually quite interesting discussions. I have not even heard for some of these companies and I am surprised how many obstacles these young people managed to overcome and achieve, it is really brings success”, Nikola Škorić, aka Dragan Torbica from Državni posao says.

The idea of OPENS day is to introduce numerous young people with the opportunities offered to the city which holds the title of the European Youth Capital and to the young people who live in it. A part of the program is symbolically held in the Chinatown, future Youth Creative Polis, in which the first Youth Centre in our country should be established, with the already on-going reconstruction. Next
year, that will be a place for all young people in Novi Sad, a place which non-governmental organisations will use freely and which will, apart from fun, contain quality projects and workshops for young people.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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