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In the eyes of someone else, you see a straw but in your own, you don’t see the beam

After the closing of the competition, we received 1024 pieces from 35 different high schools, out of which 899 complied with competition rules. The goal of the project was to encourage pupils of high schools to animate and connect them with the culture of their country on a different, interesting, and modern way.

Decision was made by the jury and winners of fifth proverb  “In the eyes of someone else, you see a straw but in your own, you don’t see the beam” were Nemanja Zdravković, Uroš Jovičić i  Mihajilo Cabunac , pupils of Economy  School “9. maj” from Sremska Mitrovica, with their mentor Katarina Popov.

The high school with highest number of pieces sent on this proverb, that fulfilled all conditions, was Grammar School “Veljko Petrović” from Sombor.

In the next few days, we will announce the most successfull pupils and schools in the last category of proverbs.


At the end of the competition, we will give awards for teams or individuals, for schools and teachers or to be precise,for each proverb. Each team or an individual could have applied for competition with only one work. For each proverb, the best piece was chosen and awarded 60.000,00 RSD. In order to fulfill the conditions, high schools had to send at least 2 pieces for each of the 6 proverbs. We awarded schools that had winning pieces for each of 6 proverbs with 30.000,00 RSD. The school that sends the biggest number of pieces, that fulfilled the conditions will be rewarded with 60.000,00 RSD. Also, mentors of the winning pieces will be awarded with 30.000,00 RSD.

The whole process of realization of the competition, as well as the awarding ceremony, will be emitted on Radio and Television station of Vojvodina, as the public service of Republic of Serbia.


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