For the first time ever, Novi Sad had the opportunity to host the closing of International Conference
three-year cooperation with United Nation Association of Serbia. In the following three years,
European Youth Capital 2019 Novi Sad will finance the part of the activities of UNA Serbia as part of
its program activities.

“Only a month ago, we signed the agreements with the organisations which will implement the
programs from the OPENS application, and the first big international program is currently held in
Novi Sad, where more than 350 young people from all over the world have come and where they will
have the opportunity to meet our city and learn what European Youth Capital is. On the other hand,
this is an actual example of what we are talking about – that we believe that the connection of young
people from Novi Sad and other parts of the country, and the region and world is important”,
Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS2019 Coordinator said. He added: “This is only a part of the three-year
project, so we can expect a conference like this next year, as well as in 2020 in Novi Sad, with more
young people, I hope, who will have the opportunity to continuously analyse what we have managed
to do for young people in the City.”

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF BIMUN project is, for successful students and high-school pupils from Serbia
and abroad, to meet the mechanisms of international cooperation and basic diplomatic principles in
practice, and to understand the role of UN in the modern world. BIMUN 2018 will be the opportunity
for the diplomatic debates, with the respect of multiculturalism and democratic values, as well as the
connection of young leaders.

“UNA Serbia, as the event organiser, came to Novi Sad from Belgrade to indicate the significance of
what the European Youth Capital 2019 title is”, Milorad Kondić, UNA Serbia President stated.

More than 350 delegates from United Nations from Serbia and 33 countries of the world will
participate in the conference called “Young and Global Challenges: Empowerment of the Role of the
United Nations”.

The conference has gathered more than 350 high-schools pupils and students from Serbia and 33
countries of the world. As the delegates of the United Nations, they represented different countries
and discussed the world topics, in accordance with UN procedure. The attendees were then
welcomed by Ognjen Cvjetićanin ,the member of the City Council in charge of Sport and Youth.

“I am very glad that the BIMUN 2018 conference, in which more than 350 students and high-school
pupils from Serbia and 33 countries of the world participates is held in Novi Sad. Young people are
the driving energy and significant factor in the development of a society. I am sure that this
conference, with interesting debates and exchange of experience and knowledge will contribute to
better mutual understanding and respect of those values which are a significant factor of the
progress of each social community”, Ognjen Cvjetićanin stated.

BIMUN provides young people with the opportunity to meet the current international affairs and
manners for their solving within UN in practice, to apply the basic diplomatic principles, and also
contributes to the development of their personal skills. Young people therefore take the roles of UN
diplomats, represent different countries and discuss current world matters, in accordance with UN
procedure. BIMUN 2018 will be the opportunity for new experiences, diplomatic debates and
connection of young leaders from Serbia and other countries.


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