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For the thirteenth time in a row, EESTEC LC Novi Sad is organising The Fair of Business Opportunities and Professional Practice, KONTEH. The Fair of Business Opportunities and Professional Practice will be held on 13 and 14 March 2019, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

The purpose of KONTEH is to provide students with the opportunity to meet the possibilities of planning and development of their careers in the companies which successfully operate in Serbia. KONTEH, apart from the opportunities for employment, offers different offer of professional practices, and as such, it can connect companies with two significant points for their development: educational institutions and human resources (students, i.e. graduates as job candidates).

As it was the case last year, during the Fair, the participating companies will have the opportunity to present their activities to students by the advertisement material and through direct contact with them, as well as through presentations which will be opened for all visitors of the Fair. Students and job candidates will, on the other hand, have the possibility to hand in their CV to the employers in whom they are interested. Apart from the presentations of the company, during the Fair at the Great Hall of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the workshop will be organised, whose main goal is the training of young people interested in job on to adequately write their CV:

The guarantee of the quality of the Fair is the excellent cooperation of the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the University of Novi Sad, National Employment Service, Provincial Secretariat for Economy, Employment and Gender Equality, as well as Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth which has declared the KONTEH07 the best employment fair held in Novi Sad under the sponsorship of that Secretariat.

More information about KONTEH can be found at the WEBSITE and social networks.

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