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During the state of emergency, caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the Youth Federation of the Associations “European Youth Capital Novi Sad – OPENS” in cooperation with the sports club and playroom LEVEL UP, organized online tournaments for young people in Novi Sad, in the video game League of Legends – LOL.


At the same time, about 100 young people from their homes enjoyed the game using the Discord Server of the LEVEL UP. The tournament lasted for five weeks in a row, and the best young people, in addition to fun and good game, had the opportunity to win interesting prizes.

Each team consisted of five players, and the competition system was a single elimination, best of 1, except for the finals, which were realized according to the system of best of 3.


These are the numbers: 

The total number of viewers on Youtube during the tournament – 10,411

The total number of Youtube live peaks during the tournament – 158

The total number of Twitch viewers during the tournament – 10,502

The total number of Twitch live peaks during the tournament – 211

Total number of tournament participants – 330


Prizes for the first three places in each tournament played:

“Žabac” Bowling Novi Sad- Voucher for one team

Invictus Training Center – A month of free training for all five team members

Trampoline Park Amplitude | – Vouchers for all five team members

Arena Cineplex  – Voucher for all five team members

LaserWar Novi Sad – Vouchers for all five team members




The idea of ​​the tournament was to animate young people in order to turn the state of emergency into online entertainment. In this way, at the same time, without endangering their health, they protected themselves and others.

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