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Somewhere, a long time ago, there were leprechauns and dragons that were constantly at war. But, that was not a regular war because both sides had their own giant who was whispering them every following step. Our world was completely unreal to them and they could have met it only when they were out in the battle field which was in different parts of the world every time. To every trip, the giants took their small world with them. When they decided to start the battle, they spread their grooved board of the size of their hands and welcomed leprechauns, dragons and other Giant who then presented their enemy. In the moment when the small people saw the light, they became ready for the battle. Once the day for the most important battle came, which the Giants called social games tour, they decided to move to Novi Sad, European Youth Capital for some time.

So, this is not an invented story and none of us have lost their minds, if you are worried about that, dear reader. Simply, European Youth Capital Novi Sad is this year’s host of European Team Championship in Board-Strategy Games. Our city welcomed young people from different countries of the world at the Congress Hall of the Master Centar. The championship is, by its size, of the world nature, but it is held at the territory of Europe, hence its name.

“OPENS supports this event and our zone se set here so that young people can be informed and find out more about European Youth capital. Today, there are more than 800 participants from the entire world and Europe and it is important to introduce the guests to our title”, Mladen Ilić, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.


Board-strategy games are miniature of giants and their new world. The board is their large battlefield which is between two players. One fight can sometimes last up to three hours, and during that time, giants in the role of the competitor freely interact with one another and they hang out, which is the only way for leprechauns and dragons to survive.

“Board-strategy games provide people something electronic games cannot. Across you, there is a real-life human with whom you can talk, laugh, fight. That’s the beauty of it! These games are important for young people as an additional manner of socialization. When it comes to electronic games, that is where we lose in social aspect. People who play these games are simply directed to communicate and hang out. We make a social network where we have mutual interests and desires and some topics of our own, which is very important at this time”, Vladimir Ćurčić, the organizer, says.

The fights last for five days, while the first two days are reserved for games with a smaller number of participants, and on other days, team championship is held.

“This hobby gives me the opportunity to meet people from the entire world. It is not very popular in Croatia, or other countries of the region. There used to be 100 active players, and the number has decreased to 30/40 nowadays. We are maintained by clubs and gatherings, local or foreign”, Vedran Žuanić, a participant says.

Finally, this is another imaginary world which is a miniature of our (real-life) world. The games are mythical and warrior which means that leprechauns and dragons in this story are completely real, because the topic is mostly of science-fiction nature.

They say that the most boring part of the game is collecting and packing the figures in the suitcase, which is the point. Not everything is in off/on taster.

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