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The gathering of people in love with music and dance enabled OPENS to sound in a specific manner. At the premises of European Youth Capital, the Body As An Instrument group decided to introduce young people to their body and the music it can produce. By body language and its sound, they tried to, as they say, devote to themselves, their thoughts and coordination.

Ana and Marko from the Otvoreni krug Novi Sad association, which deals with this unusual business for years, assured us that an instrument can, indeed, be replaced by a body.

“Body percussions are an opportunity for young people to learn something new about themselves and music. We try to move young people away from displays and to return them to themselves and their body. We have worked with young people before, and it is always dynamic with them. They can learn something new about themselves and their movement coordination, about movement in a space. They can learn a lot about themselves and the society and others. We teach them not to judge themselves and not to think that something usual is a mistake, but that is something they can experiment with and something they should not be ashamed of”, Ana Vrbaški, singer, theatre performer and composer says.

These unusual and authentic activities at European Youth Capital intend to animate young people and give them opportunity to meet, in this case, their body, while having fun.

“This is a workshop which deals with movements, sounds and behaviour of our body. The workshop is held by Ana and Marko from the Otvoreni krug association. They host the workshop with twenty participants where they learn to make certain movements with sounds and thereby create the harmony of the body. This workshop is very authentic, as is the topic. It was interesting for young people in Nov Sad to attend such a workshop where they can learn something more about themselves and I think they do not often have the opportunity to participate a workshop like this”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

After the two-hour workshop, the participants, as they said they felt relieved, relaxed and less tired, which was one of the goals.

“I was very anxious before I started to work with music. I started playing piano and percussions, and that was my way of getting out of the situation. I like that we have to be present all the time, spiritually and physically, to follow everything that other people do and to feel that. If we take care of ourselves only and do not listen to others, that is not the point. Perception and concentration must be at the top level all the time and that is an amazing feeling, because we rarely feel it in real life. Now, after the workshop, I feel free and I think I could fly”, Una Glišić, a participant of the workshop says.

Movement, song, laugh and work in a group make the work on ourselves satisfying. Because, we once again conquer our bodies and we return to the feeling that the one who orders and the one who executes are the same, cheerful being, present at the moment.


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