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During 2019, OPENS has become the synonym for open door through which the transfer of energy, knowledge, experience and information has empowered the capacities of young people. Thanks to the title which has opened the door for us, a large number of youth organisations has executed a significant number of projects, with the support of volunteers and primarily the citizens of Novi Sad of all ages, without whose good energy no event would have any sense.

December is the month in which we have the need to say – Thank you.

This time, thank you comes with the help of more than 60 partners, packed and with the bow called Free Day. Therefore, the last OPENS days of this year are organised on the International Human Rights Day.

We have not changed good things, therefore, the main idea of “OPENS Free Day” is that one of the human rights granted to us is the one which says that we have the right to spend our free time in a quality manner. Still, many quality programs are often unavailable for young people, mostly for material reasons.

For that reason, OPENS has already created an online platform ( where there is an overview of companies and institutions which are partners at this event, as well as the list of activities and programs offered by those partners. Every young person in Novi Sad is entitled to only one free activity, i.e. one voucher which would be valid for two people. Vouchers are, with the insight in an ID, handed at the premises of OPENS (Laze Telečkog 2).

This year, however, we are breaking the records in numbers: 1,175 vouchers with almost 1,364 users (some vouchers are valid for 2 and some for 4 persons). 66 partners for the implementation, some of which really exceed our expectations, like “Amplituda” trampoline park which enables an entire day for the use in 9 shifts, Matica Srpska Gallery which has ensured 60 vouchers with the visit to 3 exhibitions and “4 Rooms” Escape Room, which will welcome 30 young people to its premises on that day, while Educational Centre has offered 50 vouchers for the education on a certain topic.

The reservation of vouchers through online platform is available from 1 to 5 December, and handover will be from 7 to 9 December at the premises of OPENS (Laze Telečkog 2).

International Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10 December every year. This date is selected because that is when Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted and signed. The idea of the celebration of International Human Rights Day itself comes from the right to free time – right to time for personal growth, right to creation, recreation and right to have fun.

The idea of OPENS Day is to bring all possibilities offered to the city which is European Youth Capital and young people who live in it closer to the large number of young people as possible.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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