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I have the right to spend my free time in a quality manner

For the purpose of the celebration of Human Rights Day, OPENS organised a free concert for the citizens of Novi Sad in the Master congress centre by which the door of OPENS Free Days was officially opened. The idea of OPENS Free Days is to provide the opportunity to young people to spend their free time in a quality manner, with free events offered by OPENS partners – from going to the theatre, cinema, pool, ice skating, beauty treatment or a training. “We have tried to provide young people with the opportunity to spend their free time in a quality manner. We are listening to what young people like and to what they react well and that is how we have selected the performers for the concert. UV band is a perspective, author’s bend which consists of young artists from Novi Sad, with whom we have cooperated before because we always use the opportunity to promote young citizens of Novi Sad”, Ivana Miloradov, OPENS PR says.

OPENS tries in different manners to promote young artists and thereby support their further progress, and UV band is the great example of that.
“The cooperation with OPENS means a lot to us, primarily due to the promotion of our band. We meet many young people who are at the same wavelength as we are. We support young people in any type of art and that is a great story that is good for us and we hope to cooperate with OPENS in the future”, Petar Banjac from UV band says. Elemental is the band which exists for two decades and through its lyrics, it tries to encourage young people to think and be persistent.

“Our band exists for a long time now, because we are primarily friends and because mutual respect is necessary for good cooperation. Young people should have their opinion and try to think on their own. They should not believe that everything will be easy, because there is great effort and waiver behind everything that is of good quality”, Mirela Prisalec from Elemental says.

Humans Rights Day is marked on 10 December every year, and for that day, OPENS has prepared many activities for young people which enable them to spend their time in a quality manner, because that is the right of all of us. Find out more about the additional activities HERE.

Complete gallery of OPENS FREE DAY concert is HERE.

Mateja Ninković

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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