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Slowly, we leave a new map behind us in the region – the map of murals. From Zagreb, through Sarajevo and Banja Luka, to Thessaloniki… the small OPENS group of young people is visiting the region for two years, promoting peace, friendship, differences, getting to know other young people and presenting Novi Sad, European Youth Capital for the year of 2019. Now, it is time to say: welcome to the capital of Montenegro – Podgorica.

“We have come to the conclusion that it is best to transfer young people the message through art, music, hanging out, because that is the language we all understand. That is where the idea to give graffiti and murals as a gift to the cities in the region comes from. To make the all-day socializing in the city to which we give a mural, to hang out with young people from the community, to present them the advantages of the title of European Youth Capital, but also to connect all those cities and young people in the region and to invite them to visit Novi Sad next year”, Valentina Antić, OPENS International Cooperation Coordinator says.

To the delight of the neighbours, the mural in Podgorica was painted by our artist Petar Petrović Piros, on a residential building in Svetozara Miletića, and the entire project was implemented with the support of NVO CAZAS and K13 crew.

“The reactions were amazing, especially of the elderly population and pensioners who spent all three days with us on the wall, cheering for Piros. I think the highlight of Podgorica was our Camper and the activations which attracted numerous young people who live in Podgorica but also tourists who happened to be there. There were questions of some people who wanted to know more about the title and the process itself”, Valentina adds.

Before the grand finale in Novi Sad, there is only Budva – tourist centre left and the warming up before the Sea Dance Festival. If you are on your way to the coast of Montenegro, follow the OPENS Camper because it is waiting for you with a new story.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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