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OPENS Innovation Lab Is Calling!

Do you have an idea how to improve the quality of life in your community by using new technologies? For example, large European cities have serious problems with traffic. Public transport is overloaded and expensive, and the distances the citizens pass are large. A simple solution is to use kick scooters which are rented via smartphone applications, anywhere, anytime.

In short, this solution is – a social innovation.

New technologies are used and applied in our lives on daily basis, and some of them we do not even notice. Regardless of the field in which they are applied – health, sport, ecology or, as is the case in our example, traffic. The possibilities are limitless. That is why we have decided to map the problems, find creative solutions and talk about that together, loud and clear. Therefore, this is the invitation for the international conference about social innovation in English: OPENSociaLab.

10.00 a.m. Opening, registration
10.45 a.m. Opening of the conference
11.30 a.m. Coffee break
2.15 p.m. Lunch break
5.30 p.m. Closing of the conference

– Innovation Room
o Panel: Innovative injections – financing of innovations
o Panel: Innovative dialogue for programs for young people
o Panel: Insight in HUBs

– European Youth Awards (EYA) Room
o Presentation of VR solution with Hackathon Novi Sad and selection of the best solution
o Young innovators with examples of good practice: “Shhh, young leaders are talking”
o Workshop

– Video Room
o Examples of social innovations from Europe and the world

– Exhibition

Since that space is limited, if you think this is the perfect opportunity for you, please register for the participation at the conference by 20 June, by filling in this form.

After the termination of the applications, on 21 June, you will receive the confirmation on the participation with all details about the event, via e-mail. It is time to get into thinking mode and step into OPENS Social Lab of Innovations!

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