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At the City Hall, twenty three young people tried to break the Guinness record, playing a five-minute composition on one piano. With the support of European Youth Capital Novi Sad, pupils and professors of “Isidor Bajić” Music School had been practicing the composition “Dawn” written by Ivan Marković written specially for this occasion for months. The citizens of Novi Sad had the opportunity to follow the breaking of the Guinness record live on OPENS broadcast at the Liberty Square.

“We have seen happiness at the faces of the children, which is the goal of OPENS, to support them and their ideas and we are proud of that. The purpose is to support different contents by young people and for young people with the purpose of encouraging them and supporting them. It is up t us to hear their requests and to meet their expectations and help them even after 2019”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator explains.

The idea originated at the piano department of the Music School, as one of the ways to bring classical music closer to audience, in an attractive and unconventional way.
“Novi Sad is extremely proud tonight of these young people. We are only help, logistics and support of their idea by which we have shown why we are European centre of young people and culture. We try to help each to maximum extent and to try hard about important manifestations”, Ognjen Cvjetićanin, member of City Council for Sports and Youth.

“This is one of the events that show that work, energy and perseverance with young people come to light. This event shows that the city of Novi Sad has earned titles which it holds and of which we can be proud. These young people and their professors move the boundaries”, Đorđe Milićević, vice-president of the Provincial Government says.

The live broadcast at the Liberty Square was preceded by the “Open Piano Lesson” at four locations: City Library, Porta, in front of “Trčika” and in front of Serbian National Theatre where the opportunity to participate was given to both amateurs and professionals.

By the end of the year, European Youth Capital Novi Sad will find out whether they have managed to break the Guinness record.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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