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In cooperation with Blockout Sports Club and the Pericolo restaurant in Temerin, European Youth Capital organised the regional tournament in sand volleyball for women. The participants were from the clubs from Novi Sad, but the initiator of this even is the Youth Office from Temerin. The event was supported by European Youth Capital with music background for the tournament itself, and for the party after.

“Temerin is not a municipality that belongs to the territory of Novi Sad, but the participants of the event itself are visitors from Novi Sad, and this was an ideal opportunity for young people from the surrounding municipalities and young people from Novi Sad to hang out and get to know each other”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

The first part consisted of the group part of the tournament, after which there was the elimination part. In the end of the tournament, young people had the chance to enjoy and have fun at the Opens Air Party, which lasted until late at night, thanks to the trained DJs from OPENS DJ School.

“Since professional players are not here today, the focus was to attract as many girls who play amateur sand volleyball as possible. They participate in the official tournament of Vojvodina and other the federal league. Summer is a period between two seasons so we use them to focus the trainings on the sand. Many talents are shown during the summer period and we use sand as physical preparation for the next season”, Nataša Prodanović, the coach in the Blockout volleyball club says.

A few months ago, OPENS organised a series of workshops in DJ-ing and young people who passed the workshops had the chance to present the gained knowledge. This is the third time OPENS includes young DJs in its events. Awards were ensured as prizes and incentives for the teams. The first place won a weekend at Tara + 2 tickets for the Sea Dance Festival.

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