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Novi Sad entered the year of 2019 with 365 days for new opportunities and possibilities for the energy of young people, creativity and innovations which are primarily seen through the cultural, political, economic, social life of Novi Sad and numerous youth programs.

During 2019, OPENS has become the synonym for open door though which the transfer of energy, knowledge, experience, information empowered the capacities of young people. Thanks to the title which has opened the door for us, numerous youth organisations have executed a significant number of projects, with the support of volunteers and primarily citizens of Novi Sad of all ages, without whose good energy none of the projects would make sense.

The year behind us is a record-breaking year according to success and moments which are not measurable by numbers only. However, within the 365 days, there have been 1440 activities though which we have met 291,440 young people from the entire Serbia. From the Opening Ceremony of the year of the capital and free concert for 6.000 young people, through OPENS on the Road which has given 6 murals, visited cities in the region and presented itself by the camper before almost 3000 young people, 3×3 Challenger at the city centre with 16 teams from 10 countries of the world and one of the largest number of visits of FIBA events, multimedia quiz called Young People Great Deeds with almost 6 thousand participants, OPENS Youth Fair, OPENS Day@Exit and OPENS Play@EXIT with more than 40 bends from 15 cities and three countries, OPENS Colour Festival for International Youth Day, OPENS Social Lab with more than 200 participants from the entire, the First OPENS Distrikt with more than 16,000 young people and brought world starts of action sports to Novi Sad…

With the desire for the large number of projects to become and remain the tradition of Novi Sad, we are preparing the Great OPENS Thanks Concert this winter, too.

We have opened the door. It is your turn.


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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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