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The closing ceremony of The Danube for Peace 2019 project and the projection of recorded films of young participants from around ten countries were held in Eđšeg Culture Station.

The Danube for Peace is the project of Media Educational Centre which is organised in Novi Sad with the support of European Youth Capital and in cooperation with Novi Sad Volunteering Service. The main purpose of the project is the development of new, visual literacy necessary for active work in the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Program.

“Media Educational Centre has developed strategies with the strategies of the European Union for the development of the Danube region long time ago. Young people can learn everything that is necessary for one purpose to understand basic principles of sustainable development. It primarily includes understanding about multiculturalism, dialogue, understanding that we are a part of the world which depends on each other. Education, which is most important for young people, cannot be gained without media literacy because it contains all modern literacies available to a person today”, Miomir Rajčević, the president of Media Educational Centre says.

European Youth Capital supports this project for the second year in a row because it, among other, supports the creation of new media content. Apart from that, the purpose of the program of OPENS2019 is to bring young people European and world institutions and to educate them about European values. “We have supported the project because we liked the manner in which the topics are brought closer to young people and how they are managed. When we talk about sustainable goals which are related to all people on this planet, the purpose is to include as many people as possible. It is great that there are many young people here form several states because different perspectives meet at different level of development. It is important that all of us understand each other, but also learn from each other about the best way to develop some goals”, Aleksandra Ilijin, OPENS Program Coordinator says. The focus of the workshops was on motivating and empowerment of young people to actively join the creation of sustainable future by combining tolerance, knowledge and skills in their film, media and visual works.

“During the project, I got the chance to hang out and work in the team with people from different countries, who I see for the first time in my life. We could learn a lot from each other because we have different opinions about the world and different experience. I have learnt a lot about recording and animation which is good for the future, but has definitely served for the creation of the new hobby”, Damir Kalanjoš, the participant of the project says.

The participants came from Greece, Italy, America, Russia, England, Slovakia, Czech, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and young people from Novi Sad. At the closing of the project itself, young people presented the product of their work, which they reached gradually, through sessions of workshops. The product was the film which they worked together on and which they created.

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