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March is definitely the month of fairs of European Youth Capital Novi Sad! Now, we are volunteering for the community! The idea is to promote volunteerism in Serbia, to offer particular opportunities for volunteering and for organisations which need volunteers – to present their work to the citizens and get to volunteers.

Is it interesting enough? Here’s where, when and how!
The Fair will be held on Thursday, 14 March between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the hall of the Faculty of Philosophy. After the successful last year, Novi Sad Volunteering Service – the mutual platform of the two capitals, European Youth Capital and European Capital of Culture, will be presented along will organisations, institutions, festivals and social enterprises.

So, on Thursday, we will have the opportunity to meet interesting and significant programmes which could not have been possible without – volunteers.

Volunteering is the right opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience which can be crucial for the development of our career. Volunteering develops the kindest in a human being and affirms the values which are the basis of civil society. The Volunteering Fair provides the opportunity to everyone to become a part of positive changes in the society and to do something they will be proud of forever.

The manifestation is open and intended for all students of the University of Novi Sad and other citizens of Novi Sad.


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