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We are getting ready for the new PB circle! Our colourful Camper is visiting high-schools of Novi Sad this month, searching for the pupils’ fresh ideas.

European Youth Capital Novi Sad – OPENS has initiated the project with the support of the City and Provincial Secretariat for Education in April this year, for young people to learn about the significance of joining the society and their community as soon as possible.

“One of the pillars of our application is related to social innovations and through that, we wanted to implement the element of participative budgeting. We invited all high-schools and pupils who want to join this project and propose what they would like to change and improve in their high-schools. All proposals passed the voting round and thereby, the pupils participated in the design of the ideas”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator explains.

“I am glad that we have offered the opportunity for young people to participate in the allocation of one part of the city budget. We are organising the project of this type for the first time ever, so this is a large step for us. Novi Sad is one of rear cities which have offered young people the opportunity to decide what they want to invest money in by themselves and I am glad that the opportunity has been used well. The project was initiated in April, by training the facilitators, and now, we are in the middle because the realization of the pupils’ ideas is coming. We have taught young people what participative democracy and responsibility of citizens is, through the example of the voting itself”, Aleksandra Ilijin, OPENS Programme Coordinator explains.

While we enjoy the implemented ideas* we are getting ready for the next circle. This year, there will be more schools and the whole project is executed in cooperation with European Capital of Culture.

Pay attention, the colourful Camper is around the corner and it brings good PB news!

HERE, you can find winning ideas.

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