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“OPENSociaLab” – International conference OPENS Social Lab was held at Svilara Culture Station. The conference gathered more than hundred young people from entire Europe who has come to hear something more about world trends in modern technologies and social innovations, as well as examples of good practice from famous companies and individuals.

“One of the pillars on which the programme of European Youth Capital Novi Sad is based is the pillar based on the encouragement of innovations and celebration of the energy of young people. We are here today to talk about social innovations in the field of working with people and to empower young people to use new technologies in order to make and create new local community by this conference”, Valentina Antić, OPENS2019 International Cooperation Coordinator says.

Regardless of the field in which they are applied – health, sport, ecology… new technologies are represented on a large scale on a daily basis. Therefore, the idea was to activate young people to find new creative solutions.

“Apart from technological innovations, which are usually talked about in the last couple of years, social innovations are getting more and more significance. They are necessary everywhere and especially there where requirements are extensive and resources are missing. They are mostly necessary in public sector which provides services to the largest number of citizens”, Zdravko Jelušić, the president of the Assembly of the City said, adding that young people in our city has shown that they have more than well understood the concept of social innovations and their significance for the society as a whole, demonstrating it through decisiveness to include significant changes and colours in their City, to mutually work on the creation of sustainable structures and mechanisms for the participation of young people.

“We are proud that Novi Sad has received this title and we believe that that is extremely important for our young people. By the amazing programs, OPENS has tried to bring young people to all of their potentials and possibilities. Today’s conference is dedicated to innovations because we all know that all segments are improving by innovations and that that is not questionable at all. In particular, the purpose of social innovations are well-being of the entire society. Young people are innovators, they should just be directed to the right place”, Aranka Binder, sports assistant in Provincial Secretariat for Sport and Youth says.

During the conference, 40 young people from 13 countries of the Balkans region participated in the four-day training “Balkan Social Hackathon” in Novi Sad, with the purpose of planning, designing and creating the prototype of smart digital solutions for social challenges. This event is organised by European Youth Award with the support of OPENS.


The purpose of the conference about social innovations is for young people to offer their community quality solutions and thereby find the job and improve their community.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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