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“None of us can change the society as an individual, but if we work together, we can change the future for us and those after us”, seventeen-year-old Nevena Stojanović, the participant of YOUTH DIALOGUE organised by OPENS in partnership with UNICEF in June last year said.

At the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the conference organised within the regional program Dialogue for the Future gathered more than hundred young people from the entire country of Serbia. Its purpose was to empower trust in the region through establishment of the dialogue, recommendations in terms of policies and actions in the field of mutual priorities, providing that social cohesion and intercultural understanding were promoted.

As the result of that Dialogue, and several other Dialogues in other cities organised last year in the region, the call has been opened now for cross-border projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia.

The following can be participants of the public call:
public institutions – elementary schools and high-schools, faculties, cultural institutions, research institutes, tourist and development organisations and other public institutions in the three countries
units of local self-government (municipalities/cities) in the three countries
civil society organisations (CSO) in the three countries.

The project proposals must be of cross-border nature, i.e. they must include the project holder and at least one partner organisation/institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina (for the applications from Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia) or at least one partnering organisation from Montenegro or Serbia (for the applicants from Bosnia and Herzegovina).

More information about the manner of application can be found on:

Priority fields and topics of the call are:
Empowerment of the capacities of young people
Improvement of media and information literacy and media reporting
Improvement of dialogue and actions for the common good
Improvement of the education system with the purpose of the achievement of social cohesion
Improvement of gender equality
Promotion of the cultural diversity and intercultural understanding
Environmental protection

The final deadline for the submission of proposals is 9 February 2020 by 5 p.m.

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