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The Fair is here, the Fair is here! This time, in Novi Sad, too. Since we started the fair tour, we are continuing with the same passion, but we move to Novi Sad and – the Book Fair.

Have you heard of book fairies?
The “book fairies” are all people around the world who leave books (new or used) at public places for our citizens to find them and keep them or give them as a gift to someone else. For those special gifts to be designated, stickers, tapes, bookmarkers etc. which must be ordered from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE are used.

What does that have to do with OPENS?
It does have something to do with it, because the OPENS Office (Laze Telečkog 2) is one of this year’s stations of the book fairy. In cooperation with the Novi Sad Fair, for the purpose of the promotion of International Book Fair in Novi Sad, a citizen of Novi Sad has become a book fairy who will hide the books at different places in the city, significant for literature and culture in general.

How can I follow the Fairy?
At the social networks, the book fairy will use the hashtag #fairyathefair (#vilanasajmu”) and she will encourage the founders to publish the photos of the books themselves. The purpose is to connect the existing culture of reading in the city with the Book Fair and to motivate young people to participate in its free programmes.

So, just a little bit of fairy dust and social networks, and an unexpected book will be yours before the gathering at the Novi Sad Book Fair between 5 and 11 March.

The lucky one was Marijana Jelisavčević, who found the book at the OPENS Office!

I’ll read you soon!

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