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In the last couple of years, being a DJ has become a modern profession. So demanded that for a while, a private faculty in Belgrade was offering the profile – BA in DJ-ing. We might be the European youth and culture capital, Belgrade might be new Berlin, but we should not go that far. That, however, does not mean that the demand does not exist and we have seen that clearly when 54 people applied for the school of DJ-in.

The school is organised so that at each of the six gatherings, young people meet different fields in the DJ-ing area. The goal is for them to find as much as possible about the topic, to exchange experience, learn the basis of mixing and practice DJ skills on professional equipment.

The host is Tijana Kabić, a DJ with long-term experience, numerous performances in Serbia and abroad and one of the rare girls in the business. Tijana is also a youth worker, and that is a reason more for young people to learn from her.

[youtube v=”_ZuEJYBICWI”]

“At the first gathering, we talked about the history of electronic music. Young people have the chance to mix music on professional equipment. We talked about what is necessary for a person to become a DJ. My general impression is that young people have come here motivated to learn”, Tijana says.

For the last couple of weeks, at OPENS office and SVILARA Culture Station, trainings are held for everyone who want to learn at least basis of electronic music, mixing and organisation of festivals.

“I am studying video game design, and I have come here because I was interested in what being a DJ looks like, but I never knew where and how I could learn that. When I saw the invitation to this workshop, I realised that I should apply and learn how to do that. I do not have any experience, but that is not very important here, because the pace is adjusted to amateurs”, Sara Čurić, the participant of the workshop says.

The participants were visited by guests who are successful in the field of DJ-in and showed young people the secret of the organisation of music events, Branimir Bojanović being one of them.

“I came here to show young people the basis for the organisation of music events, promotion of music, basis of DJ-ing which I had learned. I am glad that I have transferred the knowledge because I see they are satisfied and they say they have learned a lot of things, which is very flattering. I am glad that there are still these kinds of workshops and I am all for it. I hope there will be more events like this in the future”, Branimir says.

The school of DJ-ing is still held within the OPENS Youth Circle. This month, we will also end the school of entrepreneurship, and film workshops are yet to begin. Find more details at the Youth Club at the FB page of the club.

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