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In November, the Matica Srpska Gallery organised the project called “Small School of Museology”, where the pupils of high-schools who were interested in that, got the chance to meet with different forms of museum work. At the workshop with curators, conservators, museum educators and managers in culture, they learned something about jobs in museum and their possibilities. On 1 February, the first exhibition was opened, created exclusively by the pupils of the high-schools, with the following three topics: Society Time Machine, The Beginning of the End and Who am I?
“It was great, it was not difficult, and everything was smooth. My topic was The Beginning of the End, which we designed in contact with the works themselves. Through these workshops, I have learned that it is actually very difficult to make an exhibition, it is not just hanging a painting on the wall, it also requires great contact with people”, Lola Kostić, the pupil of Art High School says.
The “Young People Ask” quiz was organised within the exhibition itself, as well as the curator’s tour through the exhibition, for the visitors to have the opportunity to hear something more about the topics and artworks selected by young people. The newly gained knowledge was necessary when answering the questions in the quiz. “Young people were better that we expected, eleven pupils of high-schools decided which topics to process on their own. We have shown them almost all works in the Matica Srpska Gallery, and they selected which works would be presented at the exhibition and they thought of the concept themselves”, Marija Žarkov, the curator explains.

Since Novi Sad is the European Youth Capital, OPENS had its zone where all visitors had the chance to meet the work of the youth club, activities, future projects and to have fun with VR through interesting games.

“OPENS supported young people from the exhibition and set its zone here, for all those who visit the exhibition to visit our corner and hear what we do and that we can empower them, too. The response is excellent, our volunteers are here and we try to inform people about OPENS through interesting games. Participants also react well, because the zone is visually quite different from the exhibition itself. This is the space where you are welcomed by volunteers, where we talk and have fun. OPENS will continue to visit these events since this is the opportunity for young people, who have not been a part by now, to activate and find out more about the title of the European Youth Capital and its further activities”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says. The exhibition will be set in the Matica Srpska Gallery by 24 March, and every Friday, you can find the OPENS Fun Zone there.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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