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We provide young people with the opportunity to create the city they want and empower them and support them to be a part in making decisions related to them.
More specifically, we actually open the previously unavailable door to young people. The idea is for 20 people, along with the Mayor of Novi Sad to discuss each month the problems and needs with which people in Novi Sad and Vojvodina face.

“Today, I will talk to young citizens about all topics interesting for them and it is always good for me to hear what is in the focus of their attention, what are their objections, what can be improved, so I am looking forwards to these meetings. So, there are no taboos, they can ask whatever they want, communication is completely open. This form of cooperation is defined in the application for European Youth Capital itself, but we do that not for the title, but for young people and benefits we have from mutual approach to the solution of significant matters”, Miloš Vučević, the Mayor said.

According to the representative of the association “Čepom do osmeha”, Vanja Petković, the purpose of the project is for as many young people as possible to meet with the functioning of the city management, their competencies and to enable them to talk to the Mayor about the topics they are interested in. The participants of the project have visited the City Management for Culture, City Management for Inspection Operations, City Management for Property and Legal Operations, City Management for Investments and City Land and City Management for Environmental Protection.

“The plan is to visit ten city managements this year. We are satisfied with how we have been received, we are all at the same side and our goal is to reach the best solution possible, through discussion”, Vanja Petković said. Igor Stojilović from the Youth Work Centre and Youth Umbrella Organizations of Serbia said that the project offers excellent mechanism for young people to directly communicate with the Mayor.

“Young people depend on the decisions of the city and it is important for them to have the access to them. Some of the topics we want to discuss are active participation of young people in social processes, unemployment, safety, competitions for youth organisations, and our goal is for everyone to contribute to the better policy for young people”, Stojilović concluded.

The “The Mayor Opens His Door” project is a part of 46 projects implemented by 42 youth organisations and organisations for young people along with OPENS. The purpose of the project which is implemented by the “Čepom do osmeha” organisation is to introduce young people of Novi Sad to the work of city managements and the Mayor and their inclusion in the process.

Photo: Jaroslav Pap

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