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When we say “skaters” and we add the videos of bands such as Blink 182, Nofx, but also those from younger days of Avril Lavigne, what does that remind you of? Our first association is the end of 1990s and the beginning of 2000s, pop punk, colours, graffiti, street style and OPENS Distrikt.
In the first half of September, OPENS Distrikt brings the atmosphere of the actual urban culture to the Pannonian, culture Novi Sad, whose integral part is also the competition in extreme sports.
We bring you 11 things you must know about OPENS Distrikt before you fit the best adrenalin festival!

1. Centre of urban culture
OPENS Distrikt is a unique international festival of street culture, art and sport which brings world-known stars to Novi Sad. It also includes youth camp, Distrikt party at the Blok, painting of murals and OPENS Distrikt FISE show. The plateau in front of SPENS will be a place for moving boundaries for two days, for great music, amazing exhibitions, skaters, rollers, Slavic trash market, Free clinics and a lot of great stuff.

2. Competition Categories are BMX, Skate…?
This festival is an international competition in extreme sports in the Skate, Inline, BMX and romobil, amateur and professional categories. So, what do you think, what can you expect there? A bunch of skaters, rollers, romobil riders and BMX riders. As in almost every video of Blink 182!

3. Some well-known names from the scene of extreme sports are coming!
Archie Cole (Scooter) whose rides and acrobatics are some of the most exciting ones in the world. As one of the best scooter riders, he has numerous awards. Charles Padel (Scooter), always smiling and cheerful, is one of the best scooter riders in France. His rides are full of raw energy, which enables him to reach unbelievable heights and do some of the most difficult acrobatics on a scooter. Better known as “The Flying Dutchman”, Daniel Wedemeijer (BMX) is one of the riders who like fast, furious and unseen ride so far. Diako Diabi (Roller) who is born for the scene is one of the most significant roller riders in France. At each performance, he pushes himself outside his boundaries in order to provide the people who support him with an unforgettable show. Matthieu Bonnecuelle (Flatland) is one of the most famous underground BMX riders, who does not stop to amaze and move boundaries by his skills. This is just some of them. A dream team, literally.

4. Music program of the festival is amazing
Janchezz is turntable DJ characterized by an exquisite freestyle performance through music genres, and Rasheed and Year Left are DJs and producers from Novi Sad with 15 years of career each, individually accomplished in several spheres of electronic music, and in the last 5 years they attracted most attention by CAKE Beats project and their own stage at Exit Festival.

5. Entrance is free of charge
That’s it. Entrance is free of charge. ☺

6. The Festival is held at several locations in Novi Sad!
Local community of Youth Movement, the entire Blok are coloured, the pitches are there for the party, while the plateau of SPENS is for the spectacle. Everything is there!

7. Heart to hate!
Sprite is coming to Distrikt with the Heart to Hate campaign which calls haters out. Being a bully is no longer in. Freckles, kilograms, dentures… and a lot of other, our specifics are COOL. Bring them all to Distrikt!

8. Free clinics and M&G
Do you want to meet some of the riders or to try the platform and show what you know? No problem, FISE is coming in good mood and launches the clinics for all those who want to learn a new trick!

9. Board slide and a lot of other tricks
Flips, jump to 16.4 meters above the ground and 83 flips in a minute on one BMX. We move boundaries of impossible. The tricks done by these guys are exquisite for normal mortals, but are very dangerous, so you can expect constant amusement while watching. How they turn around on bicycles, how they turn romobil above the ground, how they slide with skates on the edges… That needs to be seen live, doesn’t it?

10. Graffiti painting
How do you mean we did not think about graffiti? Grafitti fit with the entire scheme of the festival as like a glove. Do you wonder which photos will be the best for Instagram? Well, those with the graffiti maybe! And if you know who Artez, Čez or Piros, who will paint Novi Sad within Distrikt are, then you know what kind of exhibition you can expect.

11. Slavic trash market, white tattoo socks and the entire street style look
An integral part of such a festival is special clothes, specific for such sub-culture. So, we will have the chance to see different looks, some of which would definitely include low-waist trousers (with boxer shorts seen below), T-shirts of different brands, sneakers of famous brands and inevitable high white socks with skate sneakers. We believe that at least some people at the festival will show us the tattoos they have below the shirts. Also, you can show your tattoos there and find the inspiration for some new paintings on your bodies. Apart from seeing, experiencing, being inspired and taking photos, you will have the chance to buy the entire look at the Slavic Trash Market.

12. Bonus: A looot of skaters

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