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8 Things You Must Know about OPENS Colour Festival

The second OPENS Colour Festival is around the corner and we already know what to expect. The real summer, coloured party in sand and by the river as long as the Štrand Beach is opened. But, with an important message and invitation. Namely, OPENS Colour Festival is an invitation of European Youth Capita to take things in our own hands, to transform our energy and creativity into colours and to show who we are and what we know, on the International Youth Day.
The third OPENS day this year is an opportunity for young people to colour the world.
To know that we exist. To know in how many colours we exist and to know that we are ready for new wins. Because, 12 August is our day, the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY.
And here’s what you need to know:

  1. Dress code
    There is no one. But there are suggestions. Old swimming suit and an old white T-shirt. Because, the majority of colours will not clean, and you will bring the shirt home as souvenir. OPENS is also wearing bandanas, but you can make them and simply cover your nose and mouth so that the powder does not enter.

  1. How to get to the colours?
    Easily, not in two clicks maybe, but definitely in two steps. Right next to the stage, there is the wooden stage where OPENS volunteers give away colours before each throwing. There are definitely enough colours for repetitive throwing and not one throwing will begin until everyone gets their own bag. So keep calm.

  1. What are holi colours?
    Holi colours are coming from India and they have quickly conquered and coloured the world. This is actually an Indian holiday of quite a long tradition that celebrates the transition from spring to summer. The atmosphere is so cheerful and colourful that the concept has quickly conquered the world and there are Colour Festivals now in different forms and at all hemispheres. It is important that the colours are safe, even if accidently swallowed or inhaled, and it is recommended that the skin be covered in a bit of tanning oil for colours to be more beautiful and cleaned more easily.

  1. How, when and where, or ‘so what if it’s a business day’?
    Monday. International Youth Day, 12 August. The Štrand Beach of Novi Sad, right of the Liberty Bridge. The festival begins at 4 p.m. and music, colours and party at 5 p.m. It is a business day and the Štrand works until 11 p.m. and also, it’s summer. So, Monday is a new party day.
  1. Why is entrance (and everything else) free of charge?
    All and absolutely all OPENS programs have been and will forever be free of charge simply because European Youth Capital Novi Sad believes that young people deserve equal opportunities. At the same time, it is Humanitarian Monday at the Štrand, which means that the entrance is free of charge, but we definitely invite you to be humanitarian and support the efforts of Gradsko zelenilo.

  1. How can social networks be ON FIRE?
    Gather the team, prepare your colours, wait for the countdown to the throwing at the LED display and in the last second, start taking photos. You will have a new profile image. If your plan is an influencer position, we have an idea for that too – OPENS makes the photo corner near the stage, with professional photographers, so practice your best pose.

  1. Is that all?
    No, absolutely not. OPENS Camper and room escape, youth organizations and organizations for young people with interesting activations and games, chill zone, photo corner and competition with OPENS beach balls are there and ready. And there are also Gliterology girls with glitter and colours to make the colourful look complete.

  1. What happens when the sun goes down?
    Well, the party goes on. Also, the DJ trio, Wet Dreams, in charge of music is a well-known team from Novi Sad, and it consists of Dachony, Fakir and Aleksandar Zec. It was initiated by Fakir and in 2014, Dachony and Zec joined him which happened to be the winning combination. They have organized mass clubbing as well as open air parties where people danced to deep/tech house by early morning hours. Wet Dreams is known for excellent time whose main ingredients are good music, smiling people and a lot of positive energy on both sides of the DJ desk.

    In short, these are the main things about OPENS Colour Festival with the main point: let’s have fun and colour the city on the International Youth Day!

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