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The most popular names in snowboard arrived in Novi Sad – European Youth Capital and left the visitors amused. In the heart of Vojvodina, at the plateau of Spens, the Slovenian competitors were dominating with their acrobatics in front of three hundred citizens of Novi Sad.

“Despite the great support to the domestic competitors and cheering of the coach of Serbian national snowboard team, Filip Filipović, as well our only representative of the city Todor Jovanović who provided an amazing show, according to the judges, the best ones were the competitors from the Alpes”, Miloš Drašković, one of the organizers of Avalanche Risk City Jam says.

Special guests during the competition were numerous famous people such as Voja Malešev from Drum’n’zez, Jana Šolaja, the designer, Andrija Nikitović – Brica (owner of Puberaj club), street graffiti artist Uroš Štrboja – Rosh (artist who has painted numerous murals of Novi Sad) and many others, who shared their impressions and habits related to spending time in nature, winter sports and healthy life style in general. Apart from the opportunity to watch the spectacular competition, as in great ski centres, the visitors had the opportunity to relax in the chill zone with hot wine and tea and specialties prepared for them by professional chefs, as well as to get to know some of the hotels in local winter centres.

The organizer of this winter fun and sport event Avalanche Risk CITY JAM is the “Friška gora” association, which is one of the organizations which implement its activities within the OPENS PROGRAMME.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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