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Upon the initiative of Autonomous Women’s Centre, two-days training about domestic violence and the role of educational-pedagogical institutions in reactions and prevention of violence was organised at the premises of European Youth Capital.

Pedagogues, psychologists and people who work with children and young people with the purpose of the prevention of violence at schools and communities in which young people spend time were gathered at the training.

“This training is intended for representatives of teaching staff because they are those who can first notice that something is going on with a young person, identify the signs of someone being a victim of violence and then react before that becomes much more serious. It is important to talk to teachers about this topic and to provide them with resources, contacts and knowledge so that they can know how to adequately respond to a situation they face”, Dobrila Marković, Program Coordinator Assistant says.

The two-day education included the intervention and competence of institutions on the second day, with the special focus on the particular procedures of schools themselves in solving particular cases. It was about the phenomena of domestic violence, prevalence of violence, dominant prejudice, tactics applied in violent relationships and their consequences on women and children.

There were words about how schools can have preventive impact on the elimination of negative opinions which contribute to further instances and tolerance of violence.

“It is important to talk about violence for preventive purposes, which is why we in the society talk more and more about that and certain types of violence are still a great taboo and belief that the victim is a provocateur and that it is victim’s fault that the violence is happening is still present. It is believed that certain types of violence can be tolerated and that are allowed. It is also important to talk about the role the schools have in the field of the prevention of violence”, Marina Ileš from AWC says.

The purpose is to recognise the problem of violence and to approach its solving systematically, expanding the circle of institutions included in the actions against violence.

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