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The part of the program of European Youth Capital 2019 which provides the possibility to the pupils of high-schools in Novi Sad to directly influence the improvement of their environment (in this particular case, the changes in their school as the environment in which they spend a significant part of a day) by proposing a solution through a creative approach to problems. From an idea to a solution, they will go through a five-month process in which they will learn to recognise the needs of their community, to awaken the activist spirit and propose
solutions. The program is opened for all state high-schools at the territory of Novi Sad and all pupils of the schools will have the right to join. Since the accent is at the community, the ideas which come from groups of young people which have the impact on the whole community, i.e. pupils in the schools will be accepted. In each school, one idea will be realised, and the decision on the idea will be made by the pupils of the school themselves, by using the principles of democratic choices.

What is a participative budgeting?

Participative budgeting is a mechanism of participative democracy which enables the citizens to directly influence the decisions on spending budget funds. There are different levels of participative budgeting. From general, where the right to participate is given to all
members of the community in which it is implemented, to participative budgeting for individual groups within a community, such as the high-school participative budget. Apart from the direct impact on spending the budget funds, through mechanisms of participative
democracy, the citizens turn to the increase of their participation in daily processes which are implemented in the community, led by the “in the interest of the citizens” motto; they turn to consideration of the wellbeing of the whole community, and not only to their; creation of
the content of its city, i.e. place, so that the quality of life, i.e. stay in it can be at the high level; towards innovative solutions.

Who can apply for the base?

Facilitators should:
 have experience in working with young people
 be at least 20 years old

 have good communicational skills
 have experience of facilitating large groups
 have good knowledge of English language

What is expected from facilitators?
 to participate in the training on 23 and 24 April 2018. The training is in Novi Sad, in
 to lead the process of participative budgeting in high-schools with the support of the
OPENS2019 Project Team, from May until the end of September
 to interest at least 30 young people in a school to join, within the first phase of the
process of presenting and inclusion of young people
 to write monthly reports on their engagement
 to motivate young people to become active citizens
 to be available to young people during July and August, at last 3 times a month

What can facilitators expect from OPENS?
During the whole process, the OPENS Project Team will provide continuous support to the facilitators. The Project Team will ensure all necessary resources for the process to be smooth, which includes:
 guidelines and material
 logistic support during the realisation of activities with young people
 improvement of communicational and facilitation skills
 gaining skills for the creation of the work methodology as well as the tool for the
creation of the process of participative budgeting
 development/improvement of understanding of youth work and the concept of co-
management in the process of participative budget
 fee

How to apply?
Applications for the facilitator base are opened until 17 April 2018 at 23:59. The applications are sent only via e-mail, at the address with the subject: APPLICATION FOR FACILITATOR BASE.

The application must contain a Motivational Letter – not longer than one A4 page and CV in which the necessary experience is clearly stated (criteria stated in Who can apply for the base?)

For all additional questions or more information on the process itself, send us an e-mail to or call us within our working hours, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the telephone no. 069/2019070.


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