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At the premises of European Youth Capital, another psychological workshop for young people, called “Mess in The Head, Mess in The Room” was organised. We all know that the room of almost any teenager and adolescent is often messy, but also that the name of this workshop is very catchy itself. Accordingly, European Youth Capital has decided to bring an expert who will discover the secret of their messy rooms, relying on their psychological grounds.

The fact that the interior of a person is reflected on the person’s exterior was a part of the entire workshop, and the following questions were being asked – Is the cherishing of the mess and chaos in the environment where we spend time is the matter of internal chaos and mess, youth bunt or a reflection of creativity?

“I wanted to talk about the types of anxiety disorder which is a part of the category of obsessive-compulsive disorders, but I do not want to call the workshop that. In the name “Mess in The Head, Mess in The Room” itself, I try to establish the serious topic about anxiety disorder. I do not have statistical data about whether more and more young people have these problems, but my opinion is that they do. In this case, there are two types of people – those who handle everything under control and those who do not. I think that the majority are the first ones”, Filip Đorđević, the psychologist says.

The Youth Club offers the space for the discussion where young people can share their dilemmas and get adequate help and advice, and if possible, become a part of their growing up and maturing. The focus on the previous activities was also on psychological workshops.

“We thought about what interesting we could organise during the summer period, but we wanted it to be useful. This topic came naturally and we through that that it was an excellent proposal in this period when young people have a lot of free time and can think about themselves and their environment more”, Dejana Baltes, Youth Activity Coordinator says.

At the workshop, the young people interactively reacted along with the lecturer and told their problems to each other, and they received advice from a professional in return.
“This was an extremely interesting experience since that this is my first time at a workshop like this. I was attracted by the name of the workshop and when I came, I discovered that the concept was very good. Many young people at one place, they do not know each other come and yet, they openly talk about their problems. I think that it is very good to talk about the problems for which I know for sure are suppressed in my society”, Bojan Rodić, the participant of the workshop says.
The mess in the room is maybe not only a metaphor for the mess in the head, but it is definitely a good name for obsessive-compulsive disorders and their diagnostics.

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