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Colours Are on the Move

The winners of the OPENS’ campaign “HOW DO YOU COLOUR THE CITY?” are officially announced on Friday in Arena Cineplex. The four winners were in the first documentary film about young people of Novi Sad and won valuable prizes.

Videos of different content, from music performances to sport skills arrived in the base. The task of the jury was to select and shortlist the best. The best cadres, those which show how young people colour the city are part of the first documentary film about young people, by which they were eligible to the main prize – tickets and accommodation for all five EXIT festivals in the region in 2019, with the OPENS Camper. The four winning ideas are hiding behind the creative names: “Pokaži boje ovog grada drugima” (“Show the Colours of This City to Other People”) – Jovan Čavić, “Student za primer” (“An Example of an Excellent Student”) – Bojan Cibula, “Ljubav za Novi Sad “ (“Love for Novi Sad”) – Emilija Ostojić and “Boje su u nama” (“Colours in Ourselves”) by Gala Jokić.

“When I saw that the applications, the idea to record the moves, in any sense, was born. I wanted to show walking, dancing, standing and running through different parts of the city. The inspiration came spontaneously during the conversation with my friend, when he told me that, if we had stopped time, we would not have seen anything, because the waves of colours would not have reached us. My idea was to colour the city by movement, but it turned out that colours themselves are a movement. I cannot say that I was expecting to win, I was more waiting for it, and now I am more than happy that my work has been recognized”, Gala Jokić, the winner says.

OPENS is the platform which enables young people and provides them space to answer the question “HOW DO YOU COLOUR THE CITY?” in the most creative way. The criteria are clearly set and the condition was for everyone to do what they like and to record that.

“In accordance with the idea, we defined the criteria, and we focused on who wanted to give themselves the most and who presented young people in Novi Sad in the best way possible. Young people are very talented and the topic is wide. We received videos from people who are in recording and photography in a while as well as some which were completely amateur. The most difficult task for us was to narrow down the choice because the content was extremely diverse. We received videos of different length and resolutions, but we concentrated on content and creativity”, Sonja Petrović, the member of the jury said.

Within the campaign, three guys painted the OPENS camper and made it the youth club on the wheels. The camper will travel around the region and visit all EXIT festivals.

Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator, congratulates the winners and is very happy for further cooperation: “Door is always open for young people, for ideas and cooperation; thereby all of us are trying to leave a trace in our city. I would like to invite young people to contact us so that we can mutually create and change something. The main goal is for everything that we do to stay after us and to continue the sustainability of youth policy. Money should not be the reason why some things are not sustainable”, Vukašin Grozdanović, OPENS Coordinator explains.

Hereby, OPENS enabled another chance for young people to participate in activities and show that the door of OPENS is always open for new ideas and proposals.

The winners of commodity prizes are: INSTAX CAMERA “Grad koji boji” (“The City Which Colours”) – Marko Trbojević, INSTAX CAMERA “Tito i grafiti” (“Tito and Graffiti”) – Petar Jerković, ACTION CAMERA “Movement” – Filip Tokić, ACTION CAMERA “Art of Cooking” – Viktor Jan, DRON WITH A CAMERA “Šta akro obojimo” (“What if We Colour”) – Nenad Savković and WIRELESS HEADSET “Elegancijom bojimo grad” (“Colour the City by Elegance”) – Vanja Lebović.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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