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Within the OPENS program, CENTRE FOR YOUTH WORK from Novi Sad is announcing the competition for the enrolment of the new generation of students of A-level university course “Leadership and Development Youth Work in A Community”, in cooperation with Swedish JÖNKÖPING UNIVERSITY.

The “Leadership and Development Youth Work in a Community” university course is designed as a program of training of people who work or would like to work with young people through educational system, sport associations and associations of citizens, to gain knowledge and skills necessary for individual and group work with young people on personal and social development, self-confidence, development of values and opinions, communication, work on conflicts and active participation in the construction and development of a community during the time spent at the course.

The purpose of the university course is the training of students to approach young people with plan, analytically and to work professionally at any moment, promoting healthy and safe environment.

The lectures are divided in 6 modules, each of which is related to a certain topic:

Introduction to youth work in a community and personal development (20 June 2019 – 24 June 2019)
Life period of adolescence (5 September 2019 – 9 September 2019)
Work with individuals (31 October 2019 – 4 November 2019)
Work with groups (12 December 2019 – 16 December 2019)
Work on conflicts and risk acceptance (7 February 2020 – 10 February 2020)
Management in youth work in a community (2 April 2019 – 6 April 2020)

Also, the students will go through 3 trainings in the field of 1) project management, 2) protection and safety of children and young people in youth work and 3) first aid.

Apart from the lectures, the students will have mandatory practice with the group of young people for the period of 4 months.

The university course will be held in the period from June 2019 to May 2020. Every module is processing a certain topic and lasts 5 days, 3 to 6 hours a day, in the evening and during weekends. The lectures will begin on 20 June 2019 and will be held in Novi Sad.

The university course can be attended by people aged 18 to 35, with at least high-school education, who live, work or study in Novi Sad and who are highly motivated to work with young people and for the development of the community, have certain interests, skills, hobby (sport, dance, acting, painting, etc.) through which they could work with young people.

Upon the termination of this course, the students will get the diploma of Swedish Jönköping University which brings 30 ESPB.

Centre for Youth Work has enabled 20 scholarships for the best candidates.

All interested people should fill in the APPLICACATION FORM and send it to e-mail address: KONKURSI@CZOR.ORG, with subject: “Application for the University Course”.

The deadline for the application is 31 May 2019 by 5 p.m.

For all information, you can contact Tamara Banjac, Educational Program Coordinator via telephone no. 063 454662 or e-mail address: KONKURSI@CZOR.ORG.

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