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On European Anti-Trafficking Day, at the Startit Centre, the seventh conference about human trafficking called “Support Circle” was held. The topic of this year’s conference was the system of the support to victims.

With the speakers from different support systems, there was the discussion about the manners in which they contribute to the fight against human trafficking and primarily the support they provide to the victims. The topic was discussed by the representatives of the prosecution, court, local teams, non-governmental organisations but also peer group of activists NVO ATINA, who talked about the need for support from their perspective.

“I think it is important for young people to learn how to professionally approach the victims and also to understand how this problem is complex and what fears a victim of human trafficking faces. Young people can hear how complex this problem is and what it includes, what the needs of the victims are and what it is that we, as a community, can do to help them and work on the prevention of this problem”, Dobrila Marković, Program Coordinator Assistant says before OPENS.

The conference was, among other, intended for students, future professionals, who will face this problem within their work. “I am interested in this topic and now I have got the chance to hear something about that on a professional level. It is important for young people to be aware of that because I think this topic is often neglected. This is one of the most subtle topics which are very common, but rarely talked about. It is important to make people aware so that they can start worrying about their safety and security of their loved ones”, Jovana Radović, student of psychology says.

The conference as organised by Informal Youth Group “Freedom Has No Price” with the support of OPENS 2019 – European Youth Capital Novi Sad, Evangelical Student Association, Christien Unie and Christian Political Movement – ECPM.

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