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Someday, in about ten years, the story of a DJ starts like this…

“I have come from Gradiška and I have decided to apply for this camp for new experiences, getting to know more people, hanging out and of course, to learn something new. First workshops seem great, the team is great, we have got to know each other and I think this will be a great story. I have come to the DJ workshop in particular, because I generally like to go to parties and I like electronic music but I have never had the chance to learn something more about that so that is why I am here”, Tamara Slijepčević, a participant says.

Tamara is one of twenty participants in the region who is in love in electronic music and who has always dreamt about becoming a DJ, and her wish has finally came through – at European Youth Capital.

From surrounding countries and the region, around twenty young twenty-year-olds have gathered at the premises of the local community of the Youth Movement.

Young people from the cities across Serbia have come to visit European Youth Capital and to get to know the city and the citizens of Novi Sad. Anđela from Niš says she has always wanted to visit Novi Sad and she adds that she wishes Niš was European Youth Capital and that it had more contents for young people.

“First of all, I like to meet new people, I really wanted to meet Novi Sad because I am from Niš and that has been my wish. I am interested in music, especially DJ-ing. Time is passing quickly here and I am having an amazing time, I have met people from other cities and of course their culture, that will help me in the future and that is the primary reason I have come here and that is what I have got”, Anđela Antić from Niš says.

“There are young people from different parts of Serbia and the region here. The workshops will begin tomorrow, we are unpacking the mixer and starting. There are a lot of young people here who have come to learn the basis of DJ-ing and graffiti painting, but also to enjoy the events and charms offered by European Youth Capital Novi Sad. As the result of the camp, the participants will organise the Distrikt party where they will have the chance to try playing music and painting graffiti”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

At the local community of the Youth Movement, mixes and spray cans have already been unpacked and are ready for the workshops that are coming the following days. Through fun, hanging out and getting to know each other, the participants will be able to learn the basis of DJ-ing and painting of graffiti. They will get to know Novi Sad, European Youth Capital, the citizens of Novi Sad, local customs and legends of the Blok.

OPENS Distrikt is a unique international festival of street culture, art and sport which brings world-known stars to Novi Sad. OPENS has proved that street art can connect the countries of the region by traveling through which it has gifted murals to different cities and thereby connected young people with one move of a spray.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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