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The guide for young people KULtura kroz Novi Sad has been presented at the Liberty Square, which marked the finalization of the project of the same name.

In the spirit of European Youth Capital and the title reserved for the year in which Novi Sad is also European Capital of Culture, three cultural institutions – Matica Srpska Gallery, The Youth Theatre and The Archives of Vojvodina implemented the KULtura kroz Novi Sad project along with pupils of high-schools.

“We have decided to do something like that in order to attract young people to our institutions and in order to design an interesting program together. We have wondered about what audience should be in the focus and since the year of 2019 is the year of young people, it was logical to devote ourselves to them”, Miroslava Žarkov, the curator of Matica Srpska Gallery.

Several pupils of high-schools participated in this project in order to find out more about their city and to get to know famous people and historical places which are symbols of Novi Sad even today. Apart from that, the idea was to include them in the design, implementation and promotion of cultural offer of their city.

“We have found out about the project in schools, from professors, we liked the concept and we decided to apply. First, there were workshops in the Youth Theatre where we met and worked on the performance and talked about what we would have liked to include in the project and what parts of Novi Sad were important to us. I volunteer in OPENS and that was one of the reasons why I joined this project, which enabled me to learn more about my city”, Lenka Stević, a participant of the project says.

The project consisted of several segments and workshops and at the end they got the opportunity to decide what image about Novi Sad they want to send to their peers through a humorous play at the Liberty Square.

“This is a project that gathered three institutions with the desire to give space to young people, and on the other hand, I think that they helped us, as institutions to open and hear their opinion. Finding out what their wishes are in the future, we will build our programs. The Youth Theatre, as the partner, was in charge of the set of workshops whose goal was to make the team out of these young people who have come from different schools. We worked with them on showing us what they like in the city, and in the end, we made the final presentation”, Slavica Vučetić, the actress from the Youth Theatre says.

The KULtura kroz Novi Sad project was executed thanks to “Novi Sad 2021” Foundation, through the Audience in the Focus program. The promotion of the guide was supported by OPENS 2019 and Novi Sad Tourist Organisation.

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