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If I tell you that we are going to the place with more than 10,000 exhibitors from 180 countries of the world and dozens of thousand visitors, do you first think of – Berlin?
More precisely: International Tourism Fair in Berlin – ITB Berlin.
So, how to miss such an opporunity? Hey, in the year in which Novi Sad is the centre of young Europe, it is our obligation to show that to young people of Europe. So, we packed our postcards, stickers, chocolates and badges, with brochures, presentations, offers for young people and smiles, and hit to road to Berlin.

The Tourist Organisation of the City of Novi Sad is traditionally, every year, presenting the tourist offer of the City of Novi Sad at this tourism fair, and this time, OPENS was a large part of the tourist offer of the city.

Tour-operators who organise cruises are mostly interested in half-day city tours, with the tendency to expand the offer to more days, especially during the programmes intended to young people. So the fact that the second day of the fair is marked by the larger number of young visitors, who focus on activities in nature as well as good nightlife in the city is particularly interesting for us.

“What we can definitely see is that the interest of the audience is growing every year. Especially when talking about Novi Sad, one of the reasons is definitely the fact that this is the city which hold two prestigious European titles”, Aleksandra Dolapčev from the Tourist Organisation of Serbia explains.

The colourfulness of European Youth Capital, but also the colourfulness of our programme is definitely the main reasons for such, initial interest.

“Young people very much like our promotional material and how the presentation of the European Youth Capital is packed, in general. We are most interesting to young people from large cities of Germany, but we have also met a large number of young people from ex-Yugoslavia countries. The majority was fascinated by the large number of events and opportunities for young people in Novi Sad this year, and we expect to see them in Novi Sad in the months to come”, Stanislava Marojević, Programme Coordinator Assistant explains.
Zagreb – the Place to go, get ready!

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