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The Danube for piece in Novi Sad

Cooperation of OPENS and Media Educational Centre

Around thirty young people from Serbia, but also Hungary, Italy, Portugal and other countries, are in Novi Sad from Monday, where, within the Danube for Peace project, five-your workshops of medial, information, film and digital literacy.

“The goal is for young people to gain basic skills and knowledge necessary in the active operations towards the achievement of goals of the agenda of United Nations 2030 on the sustainable development”, Miomir Rajčević, Media Educational Centre President explains, and adds: “We should supplement their knowledge with something that is called social knowledge, emotional knowledge and transform that combination of knowledge to values which can help them achieve the 2030 agenda on sustainable development of the United Nations in Serbia and in the region.”

OPENS recognised the significance of the project and provided support to the organisations of workshops in Novi Sad. “OPENS entered the whole story because the focus is on young people, but also because the whole region is included. That is a bonus for us, because a part of our application is intended for the education of young people on European values, on introduction to world and European institutions and large world organisations”, Aleksandra Ilijin, OPENS Program Coordinator explains.

The Danube for Peace in Novi Sad is the first step towards the achievement of the conditions for reaching sustainable development. Young people should be the most important participants, because in 2030, they will be the leaders and have the most benefits from the activities and results of this project. As they say in Media Educational Centre, by the project, we can contribute to the creation of the clear vision and awareness on the significant of sustainable development, by increasing social, economic, ecological and civil capacities and responsibilities of all participants- associates-partners.

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