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Living rooms are characteristic for being of interactive nature and for containing three speakers who present a topic and respond to asked questions.

“We talk about young people, transition of a personality from the aspect of psychology and psychotherapy where we will explain what that period means for young people”, Maja Pavlov, BA in psychology says.

This was the seventh Living Room this year, and this time, it was held before the full hall of Svilara Culture Station. The panel called “From Bunt to Autonomy” went through numerous problems related to mental health in the period of adolescence.

“We had the chance to hear a panel which is related to overcoming certain crisis during the adolescence period. We want all workshops we organise to be educational and important for young people. We want to bring all challenges with which young people face in the period of adolescence to them through the vision of professionals”, Dejana Baltes, Youth Activity Coordinator says.

Within OPENS Living Rooms, the topics close to young people and initiated by European Youth Capital are discussed. They are open and they are held at public places before passers-by and audience which has come there intentionally.

“I have come here because I am interested in the topic and I like that it will be discussed from the psychological perspective. My peers and I are often ashamed to go to a psychologist. I think I would be ashamed to even admit but I think all of them think that they can handle everything on their own, and help is sometimes really necessary”, one of the participants says.

The following OPENS Living Room brings us to A rea with Ireland, at the premises of OPENS, on Friday, 4 October.

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