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The two-day conference of European Youth Capital and Youth Work Centre – “Young People, Trends and Innovations” was finished at Arena Cineplexx by the panel “What Are Young People In Favour Of?”.
The conference was designed with the purpose of putting into focus young people in the year when Novi Sad is European Youth Capital, during different panels, workshops, lectures and other interactive activities.
“This conference about what young people are in favour of is somehow important because it gathers, in our opinion, three relevant people and covers the topic of young people from three perspectives”, Dejana Baltes, OPENS2019 Youth Activity Coordinator explains.

The “What Are Young People In Favour Of” panel highlighted the trends in society, culture, education and free time among young people today with three interlocutors – a sociologist, psychologist and an influencer.

“When we talk about young people, we fail at the generalization. People think that young people are not interested enough and are full of prejudices. There is some apathy around us and I think that we, here, are witnesses that that is not true, and that that is completely an individual matter”, Duško Krstić, the panellist and youth worker says.

“It is more difficult to keep the focus of young people, I think parents play a great role. Apart from that, all of us who are more of an entertainment part, we need to be aware of the fact that we influence young people a lot and that we have great responsibility”, Dunja Jovanić, the panellist and influencer says.

Who are new young people who influence their peers and how do they do that? To what extent has the work with young people moved from the premises of associations, schools and streets to social platforms? Who do young people follow and listen to the most today? Who are their authorities, role models and idols today? The answer was a cinema hall full of young people.

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