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The second round of the “Join, Find the Solution” project has already started and there is just a few more schools before we announce the best ideas for the school year of 2019/2020.
The pupils of high-schools of Novi Sad are currently voting for the best proposed ideas in the field of activism and culture and creativity, which will help improve their environment, i.e. high-schools.

“The pupils put a lot of effort into this project. I can easily say that the response is very good, we have formed two teams which have come up with very interesting ideas. The process was very interesting, we are satisfied with how the pupils react. The proposed ideas are important for the school and include a large number of pupils”, Jelena Kovačević Vorgutin, the facilitator says.

The pupils met with the system of the Participative Budgeting a few months before when nine schools of Novi Sad got the opportunity to finance the best idea with 50,000. However, the new round brings some novelties, like the participation of a larger number of high-schools. In partnership with European Capital of Culture 2021, European Youth Capital has decided to finance two pupils’ ideas from two different categories, by a larger budget, unlike last year.

One of the ideas is the one of Agriculture School with Dorm from Futog and it is related to the cultural-ecological creativity of young people and the enrichment of their school yard in a cultural and modern way.

“This idea is very creative and interesting. The facilitators have helped us during the entire project, they explained all steps and goals to us and we have had a lot of fun throughout the work.

This is a very good initiative because we have got the chance to improve our school by creative ideas which we have almost brought to the target, with the help of our professors”, Marija Ćirić, fifteen-year-old pupils of the Agriculture School says.

The programs of the Participative Budgeting are the right way for young people to join the political processes and learn to be responsible citizens.

The following step is the announcement of the best ideas on 17 December, which will be followed by their implementation.

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