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For a long time now, Serbia is not only a country of basketbal, but also the country of 3×3 basket. The lists, videos, 3×3 Federation, world media, all of them have confirmed that. And at the top of the table, there they are:Liman 3×3 Tesla voda.

The guys from Novi Sad who take basket seriously. Liman Tesla Voda is a young team who has also shown that it is currently the best team of the world, even through they are ranked at the second place. They have managed to join the largest number of masters this year, but they lost the first team place at the FIBA ranking list.

The street fight from Novi Sad currently dominates FIBA. Two best ranked teams at the world in the next few months will fight for the first place at the world basketball scene!

Until then, we meet them. Guys from Liman, successful students with the university degrees, the team who does not stop to laugh and have fun and Mr. Robot, the top 3×3 player at the FIBA ranking list – Stefan Stojačić!

Mihailo Vasić. Stefan Kojić. Aleksandar Ratkov. Stefan Stojačić. Remember those names, since we
cannot remember their ranks because of how fast they rank up at FIBA 3×3 list.

[youtube v=”LQA43ESdvSw”]



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