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“Cultural treasure: the world in the museum casket”

Within the program of European Youth Capital and as a part of the “Youth Museum” project, at the Pavle Beljanski Museum, the exhibition of the pupils of “Bogdan Šuput” Design School has been officially opened.

The name of the exhibition is “Cultural Treasure: The World in The Museum Casket” and it is one of three parts of the “Youth Museum” project.

“We have tried to include young people in all spheres, and culture is one of very significant parts of lives of young people. Since that we did the same during last year with the “Bogdan Šuput” School, we know how creative they are. What we will additionally do is try to make remaining young people join us and provide support to cultural institutions to open their door to young people. Young people should not only come and see the setup but participate, too. Our task is to provide them all opportunities they have in Novi Sad”, Aleksandra Ilijin, Program Coordinator says.

More than hundred pupils of the high-school were a part of the workshops and during the project, they had the chance to meet with large history of Pavle Beljanski Museum, which was one of the goals. The idea is, also, for young people to more actively join the design, implementation and promotion of cultural offer of their city, as well as for them to get to know its culture content better.

“With our partners, we wanted to reach the goal and attract young people to our museum premises. We want to make them more interested so that they can see what great people like Pavle Beljanski have collected and gifted to Novi Sad”, Milica Orlović Čobanov, the curator of the museum says.

Around thirty works of the pupils of the departments of artistic technician and graphic design were presented, inspired by the story about the artists from the collection and their works.

“As pupils of the school, we were invited to the project and half the class responded and came to the workshop. When we came, we met our mentors who showed us three setups which we could choose, saw the museum, did what we wanted and used any technique we wanted. In the end, everyone did 3, 4 drawings or sketches. I have never been especially interested in a museum, and this project has helped me see it in different light”, Milena Sedlan, the pupil says.

The “Cultural Treasure: The World in The Museum Casket” exhibition will be staged by 31 August and it is open for all interested visitors.

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