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Colours, brushes, team, following puzzle and hit the road to Sarajevo. Destination – Kino Bosna.


“Since that the main goal of the OPENS on the Road program is – promotion of peace, friendship, communion, primarily among young people and some older generations, who will hopefully look up to us. We, in the region, are connected by many things and we think it is the right time for young people in the region to connect and meet each other even more and that is where the idea to do that through art and music comes from – somehow, we think that that is the language young people in the region understand the best” Valentina Antić, the programme coordinator explains and adds that the reactions have been very positive so far. “Whoever had the chance to follow the drawing,
stayed there to hang out with us and to chat about what we do, what our further plans are and so on. That is exactly what we have expected, simply believing that young people connect through art, because that is the language all of us understand.”


Once again, after around hundred handed badges, after 284 kilometres and the initial fascination by the amazing city, there was a wall ready for Mural waiting for us, and we realised Why OPENS is actually on the road.


When a city in the region holds a title, the spotlight of all of Europe should not remain only within the border of such state of city, but it is a change for the programme to spread and for young people from the whole region to join. Therefore, the programme is always implemented in the partnership with local organisations, and when talking about Sarajevo, it is about the “OBOJENA KLAPA” Association.

The following year is more challenging. We will start in April and end in October, and we will go to Bitola, through Tuzla, Kumanovo, Banja Luka, Podgorica, Maribor and Tirana.


“In every city, we have local support, partners who helps us with a lot of things. Next year, we are Youth Capital and we want everyone to know that and to find time to come and visit Novi Sad and see what we can offer” Antić concludes.


We started the peace and friendship campaign in Zagreb, and in the next two years we will visit 9 more cities and open the door of Novi Sad to all young people. Therefore, Petar Petrović PIROS, the artist, created a series of murals, and every painting that we will be painted on the road in the next two years is missing a part. One puzzle. The puzzle which will be waiting for us in Novi Sad, at the end of the road, in European Youth Capital 2019.


Can you collect all the puzzles until then?

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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