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We went out together for the first time in Novi Sad within Novi Sad Pride Week!

Novi Sad Pride Week was officially opened at the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad by the presentation about the visibility of the needs of LGBT persons in public policies.

“We want to show that LGBT people exist outside great centres, that they exist at the territory of all of Serbia and that it is necessary for someone to get in their defence, i.e. to fight for their human rights. By the Pride Week, we do not want to endanger anyone’s rights, but to show that each person in this world has the right to their human rights”, Filip Kocevski from the “Go Out” Group said.

The purpose of this manifestation, according to the organisers, is to go to a public place at the Liberty Square, for the purpose of letting people know that LGBT community exists even in Novi Sad and that it is necessary to fight for their human rights, at both local and provincial and republic level. The first Pride of Novi Sad is organised by the Go Out group, with the support of The City of Novi Sad and OPENS.

“It is very important to continuously and daily work on the matters of discrimination and violence, if such, among young LGBT, in order to adequately solve those challenges. To see how we can discuss about how to make the lives of young members of LGBT population more quality, through cooperation with different institutions”, Vukašin Grozdanović from OPENS says.

The Pride itself will be organised on Friday, 17 May at 12 p.m. at the Liberty Square. There will be no walk, and the whole event will be secured by the police. The purpose of the Pride is to introduce the public with the problems and challenges the LGBT population face on daily basis, as well as with the fact that violence based on hate is omnipresent phenomenon in the society, the organisers say.

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