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More than eight thousand young people from Novi Sad and Vojvodina danced until the early morning at the largest winter party in the region.

For the opening of European Youth Capital, OPENS organised free of charge concert for the citizens of Novi Sad with the greatest world and regional stars such as Helem nejse, Marko Louis, Van Gogh, Jax Jones, Ofenbach and Mahmut Organ.
The evening started with the performance of the four-member band from Sarajevo, Halem nejse, who are known to the audience for their charm, interaction and spontaneity at the stage, and their lyrics are seen through the eyes of young people.

“This title is significant for Novi Sad because it puts it at the map of Europe, and we would like Sarajevo to find itself in the same position, too. It is our honour to perform next to Mahmut Organ and to be at the poster with him, and to promote ourselves in that manner. We are extremely satisfied with the organisation of the ceremony and with the fact that our rehearsal and performance schedules are respected”, the members of the Helem nejse band say.

The audience than welcomed Marko Louis, whose performance, diversity of instruments and specific colour of the voice left everyone amused. After his performance, there was a huge applause and the scream by which the citizens of Novi Sad welcomed Van Gogh.

Đule from Van Gogh retells their first performance on EXIT Festival when it was literally the EXIT and he believes that OPENS is the new beginning and entrance in the space of youth.
“Everything that is a look towards the future and everything that is a step away from dark is important for us. It does not surprise that Novi Sad, the only city which is not in European Union won the title of European Youth Capital, and especially that another title is waiting for it afterwards. When you put exit and entrance in the brackets, that is only the change which smells like better and the change that promises. Young people are those who should create and map by their sensibility everything that is the subject of interest and that triggers their senses. Young person is sense and promise. Young people should not be advised, they should be learned from and they should show us the road we should follow. I learn from young people because their eyes see more clearly than my smell and I consciously follow their path. You are paving us the way for us and I believe in you”, Đule explains.

“The idea was to bring domestic and world stars loved and desired by young audience here, but who are not available to everyone. This is a free of charge concert, as is any OPENS activity, because we believe that at least in this year, we should show that different contents should be available to young people. We wanted to loudly say that we were entering the year of young people and that there would be more events of this kind and I think that with this many people at the SPENS until the early morning, we managed to do that”, Ivana Miloradov, OPENS PR says.

The fact that there will be more concerts and events like this is supported by the fact that at the concert, it was officially announced that the first day of EXIT Festival this year would be named – OPENS Day. EXIT prepared an unbelievable edition and we can wait to meet at the Fortress on OPENS Day!

Welcome to the year of young people!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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