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Imagine this: the centre of the city, wide opened windows and doors, four large LED screens, FIFA2919 and a bunch of lazy bags. We have agreed on the battle of joysticks! And we filled the office with guys. Welcome to the OPENS Living Room.

With the help of SONY 4 ROOM – IZNAJMLJIVANJE PS4 NOVI SAD, the competitors had the opportunity to enjoy the best equipment. The competition in FIFA19 was organised by the parallel game at four currently most popular consoles on the market, Playstation 4,and the entire action was projected on four Full HF 40” TVs which enabled the participants great time. The number of teams was limited to 16, and each team had two members.

“This activity gathers different target group with which we have not had the opportunity to cooperate with, so this was an excellent manner of cooperation with SONY 4 ROOM. The main goal was for young people, who spend a lot of time playing games on Sony, to come here and find out more about OPENS. The goal is for them to find out where OPENS is, what it deals with, what it organises and that something like this competition can be a part of OPENS’ program”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

The top three places at the competition won awards. The first place won gaming headset and keyboard, to the second place SONY 4 ROOM will get 24h of renting Sony Play Station with all games, while the third place will get two OPENS’ packages.

“Promotion and hanging out are the primary goal. My idea is to gather all those young people, interested in FIFA at one place. The focus is on hanging out and creation of free time. If you ask me, that is an excellent type of hanging out, so I decided to do something like this”, Miloš Spasić says in front of the company Sony Forum.

On this occasion, young people who visited OPENS for the first time said that they would follow the activities of OPENS in the future, which was one of the goals of this living room.

“I bumped into this workshop by accident. My friend and I are great in FIFA so we decided to apply. The entrance was free of charge, we had nothing to lose and we came, to hang out with other people of course. I like the place and the organization. We won the first game, everything is great so far and we hope it will continue this way. I will continue to follow the activity of OPENS, especially if they organise more competitions like this”, Vukan Brkić, the twenty-five-year old participant of the competitor.

“I have played FIFA with my friend at the gaming zone and we decided to come here. I think we do not have any chances because the competitors are really good, but we like FIFA so we wanted to try it out. I have heard about OPENS before and I follow their activities”, twenty-year-old Danilo Lukić said.

Another OPENS Living Room in a row passed through hanging out and fun. Next time, apply on time and make your free time more interesting.

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