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The fourth in the row manifestation called “Ice Forest” in Novi Sad, European Youth Capital, was opened on Friday, 6 December, by the performance of Sara Jo, who we will have the chance to hear at the Great OPENS Thanks Concert. In the following 45 days, the Danube Park will be the place of hanging out, fun, recreation and cultural events.

Within the “Ice Forest”, visitors will have the chance to see winter market “Snow City” which is an exhibition and sales space intended for the presentation of local artists and craftsmen as well as promotion of gastronomic specialties and winter delicacies of Vojvodina.

Also, the central part of the park contains the ice rink of the area of 1300 m2, including the skating track around the lake. This capacity is the most modern ice rink in the region which enables visitors to have fun and recreation on ice on temperatures of up to 15 degrees.

Thanks to the support of OPENS, this year’s program will include daily free of charge contents such as concerts of classical music, performances of modern bands, DJ performances, artistic performances and exhibitions, educational workshops for children and adults, animations on ice for children and other interesting content.

The first week of “Ice Forest” is marked by the program of OPENS 2019. Between 9 and 15 December, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the OPENS program which includes different free of charge contents and performances which will contribute to the affirmation of the potentials of young bands, DJs and stage performers of Novi Sad.

At the same time, on 13 December, through the live broadcast at the Danube Park, the visitors of “Ice Forest” will have the opportunity to feel a part of the great atmosphere from the Official Ceremony for the Handover of the Keys of European Youth Capital. The French city of Amiens will take the flattering title the following year of 2020.

Do you have ice skates?

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