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3…2…1…GO. The year of young people in Novi Sad began today in the Master Centre of the Novi Sad Fair by summarizing the achieved results in 2018 and renewal of the agreements with 42 partnership organisations which also implement the OPENS programmes.

The numbers talk for themselves. In the programme activities implemented during 2018, more than 75,000 young people from all of Europe have participated. 42 organisations, which implement OPENS programmes, for less than a year, organised more than 2195 activities, which directly included 50,000 young people. OPENS had 226 programme activities more and we mutually reached 30,000 young people.

– The point is not only in the year of 2019 and this prestigious title, but that this is an excellent opportunity to make the foundation for fundamental things for youth policy and to improve them in the years to come. I am very proud that in Novi Sad, youth organisations create the policy for young people, and that is a continuous and systematic process. We all act together, and the result of such action is the winning of the title itself. Our goal is to spread the positive story from Novi Sad to other cities in Serbia – Miloš Vučević, the Mayor of Novi Sad said.

Vukašin Grozdanić, OPENS Coordinator said that last year, more than RSD 40 million was used for the execution of the projects through the partnership with organisations, and this year, more than RSD 90 million will be used. “Partnerships with organisations which were with us at the very beginning are very important for us. We have implemented serious financial control. Each project has had an auditor. That is the standard we have established together” he said, and added: “It is very important to say that everything is supported by the Republic, Province and primarily the City and that this year, more than RSD 350 million will be invested in OPENS’ activities and the creation of infrastructure.”

By the end of 2020, 500 thousand young people will pass through our activities, Grozdanić said at the end.

Free of charge psychological counselling has been enabled for young people, as well as centres, radio and TV shows which inform and promote young people. We have promoted the role-models of young people, we have initiated and followed the campaigns on young people and for young people, we have made guides, held trainings for young journalists, trainings for peer educations, raining for active participation for more than 1000 young people. We shave supported young artists, young bands and creation of youth audience in culture, especially through the cooperation of organisations and institutions. Free of charge WIFI has been implemented, the values and differences of minorities have been supported and promoted. Novi Sad has been visited by 300 youth delegates of the United Nations, and more than 300 delegates of European Youth Forum. The Live Library was held in Novi Sad, and then it hit the road around the region. We were planting, eating and learning and we were promoting healthy life styles. We were on Blokstok, Street Musicians Festival, TAKT and EXIT festivals. We were watching films on two wheels.

Prostor was opened in Gradić, as well as social centre for LGBT population, the foundations for the future Youth Centre in the Chinatown were made, Novi Sad Volunteer Service was empowered and the Bank of Time was opened.

And all that is just the beginning. In the next following days, within the opening of European Youth Capital, Novi Sad will host the meetings of numerous youth networks. The crown of the opening is definitely on Saturday – the formal event in the SYNAGOGUE, as well as the OFFICIAL CONCERT AT THE SPENS.

2019, get yourself ready!

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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