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The second day of OPENS’ Side Event at Master Centre is reserved for Youth Rights Talk.

Youth Rights Talks is a unique event which puts the voice and human rights of young people in the centre. More than eighty young people from Serbia and the region had the chance to hear personal stories and stories of other young people.

“We heard young people who have some kind of disability, who face with discrimination on daily basis, young people who deal with the specific topic of endangering human rights”, Jelena Karać, Youth Activity Coordinator Assistant says.

The participants had the chance to hear what some of them have to say within their #NoPlayback performances and to share their own ideas and experience about the position and cooperation of young people.

“The topics are interesting and we have started to develop regional cooperation a bit more. It has been interesting to hear all mutual challenges about young people in the region, because we share some mutual challenges. Each country has its own specific problems which we further solve on our own”, Nino Preložnjak, the speaker at the panel and the president of Croatian Youth Network explains.

Youth Rights Talks is held in Belgrade since 2018, in cooperation of Belgrade Human Rights Centre, United Nations Country Team for human rights and OSCE Mission to Serbia. In 2019, Novi Sad opens its door as European Youth Capital, and Youth Rights Talks 2019 #NoPlayback R E G I O N A L is a part of the program implemented by OPENS 2019 – European Youth Capital Novi Sad and Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO.

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