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At the Committee of Regions in Brussels, along with fourteen more speakers from different countries, the team of European Youth Capital presented their program as well as its impact at the local and regional level.

OPENS singled out the importance of partnership between young people, organisations, institutions and government, both local and regional. There were words about the mechanisms used for reaching the degree of inclusion of young people in the process of decision-making.

“Within the segment of inclusivity, we talked about how young people can join their local community more and how they can contribute by their activism to the development of local community. Our title is the most significant title and project in 2019 for Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, and at this panel, we have been its representatives”, Katarina Živanović, International Cooperation Coordinator Assistant explains.

On the subject of “Cohesion Policy for a More Social Europe: Regions and Cities Inclusive For All”, there were words about the essence of finding the best policies which will lead to the highest social inclusion for all layers of society as possible.

“It think that sharing experience and good practice can always provide young people with new possibilities and new ides they will implement in cities and regions. Organization of the exchange of a really excellent opportunity for young people to meet and discuss with teenagers and peers from other cities because that is very important”, Katarina Ciman from Social Innovative Laboratory explains.

This topic is important because of the goals of sustainable development which refers to all cities which are inclusive, sustainable and safe for their citizens.

“It is crucial that regions and cities connect even more in order to facilitate the life for emigrants and people who want to travel, as well as the promotion of the spirit among new generations. I think it is important that the third sector be more included in decision-making, and this example from Novi Sad is very interesting because it shows that if third sector is taken into account and put where it should be, nice and good things can be initiated”, Yulia Bremnis from the Region of Northern Norway.

OPENS has shown Europe how it has raised the quality of life of young people in their local community, how young people can develop and express their creativity. The importance of the prevention of brain drain and employment of young people in Novi Sad has been singled out.

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OPENS program in Novi Sad for years selflessly shares and supports youth energy. Whether it is through the festivals, sport activities, education or activism the strength of the youth is

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